Jesper’s Guide To Revitalising Your Life

Meet Jesper, a father of two who changed his lifestyle so he can live longer and be there to experience his children’s future.

JesperWhen Jesper Eurenius, 34, Area Sales Manager at Oriflame, decided he wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, renewed vitality and a healthier weight were just two of the benefits. His journey from 145 to 92 kg started with a special programme of exercise and nutritious protein shakes developed exclusively for Oriflame by Professor Stig Steen. Here are Jesper’s top tips for jumpstarting your summer with bags of extra energy!

What was your greatest challenge in the programme?
‘Remembering to eat good, real food supplemented with healthy products.’

How has all of this affected your health?
‘The protein shakes have stabilised my blood sugar, which is super important. And they're great – delicious and easy. I drank the shakes four or five times a day before every meal – now I have one three or four times a week when I have a craving.'

What is the best way to use them
and when?
‘Drink one 20 or 30 minutes before each meal. Personally, I think they taste best when mixed with ordinary cold water. I always keep chilled water in the fridge.’

What’s your exercise routine these days and do the shakes enhance that?
‘I try to work out two or three times a week. And I take a brisk walk every day. I usually drink a shake about 20 minutes before I exercise.’

So, what motivates you to exercise?
‘Setting goals and meeting them. Achieving the right mental attitude. And most important of all, being there for my kids.’


People who work out improve their health – and live longer. In a study that compared low, moderate and high activity levels in men and women over 50, some interesting stats were revealed.

- Moderate activity adds 1.3 years of life for men and 1.5 years for women.
- High activity levels nets an additional 3.7 years of life for men and 3.5 years for women.

Source: Harvard Medical School’s Special Report ‘Exercise’.

Words by: Photographs by: Jesper Eurenius & Getty Images