How to balance a top career with a healthy lifestyle

Swedish designer Josefine Åberg is a busy woman as design director at Adidas Originals. Here she reveals the key to juggling a healthy lifestyle with a demanding career.

What does health’ mean for you and how do you take care of your body?
– Oh, it means a lot to me! I’ve always been an active person and used to do a lot of different things, including ballet (while I was studying, I worked out seven days a week... I wanted to become a professional dancer!), modern dance, taekwondo and classic workouts.

Since I’m often on the move and working hard, I began to run, which I find meditative. Going for a run is a simple way to make it happen’ even if you’re travelling. You don’t need a gym; all you need are shoes and comfortable clothing. I don’t run with other people and I don’t listen to music. I like being able to plan and think through projects and things I’m currently working on.

Besides that, I try to do a seven-day detox every year with plenty of greens and antioxidants, which I find really makes a difference to my body. After a week of detox, I always think I should change my routines for good... which unfortunately never lasts more than a week or so!

How do you find the balance between a successful career and a healthy lifestyle?
– Listen to your body!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images