Walk the talk


Finally a new beauty season! Make sure you max out the health benefits of this brighter time of the year, even when you’re working… One trend that’s hot right now is ‘walking meetings’ – we bring you the lowdown on how to combine productivity with movement and put your best foot forward…

When lots of people walk the same path, a road is created. If there is no trail, the inventive will find one of their own. It went something like that when Helene Qvarfordt took her boss’s suggestion and tried her first walking meeting: an ordinary meeting you hold outdoors on a walk with your colleague. Nowadays, she regularly brightens up the working week with a few hours of daylight. In fact, she brightens up the morning for a lot of people… Human interaction is a big part of Helene’s life. In her job as a receptionist at Oriflame, her radiant visage is the first thing many people encounter every day.

We had a chat with Helene, who gives her top tips for walking the talk…

WALK THE TALKWhy did you start having walking meetings?
– It was actually my manager’s initiative. With a lack of meeting rooms combined with lovely weather in a beautiful city, it was a win-win situation.

What exactly is a ‘walking meeting’?
– It’s a meeting on foot outside the office. Instead of sitting inside in a conference room, you cover the same subjects while you’re on a walk.

Why do you think it has become a trend?
– To be honest, I didn’t realise it had become a trend, but I’m happy it has. We need them – our work environment is often so sedentary. And I like to encourage a healthy lifestyle!

What are the characteristics of the perfect walking meeting?
– Relevant, an efficient use of time, decisive – and with a health aspect!

Do you notice any difference in your decisions after a walking meeting compared with an ordinary meeting?
– Yes, it feels better after you’ve concluded a meeting held in the fresh air. It makes me feel refreshed and energised.

Do you have a favourite walking meeting partner?
– My boss.

Do you think people need to ‘go offline’ these days?
– I think we can actively choose to be offline at certain times, especially if it makes us feel better.

Get started with Helene’s top tips and switch the conference room for a close-to-nature path today!


WALK THE TALKAlways have an agenda for the meeting. It doesn’t have to be in writing – quite the opposite, in fact.

Plan a rough route with options for shortening or lengthening the walk.

Aim to start with a 30 minute walk.



Why have walking meetings become a trend?
– They should be a trend among us office workers! I’ve seen pictures of treadmills placed in a circle so that more people will be able to participate without having to leave the office. We’re not there yet!

What are the positive effects on your wellbeing during a walking meeting compared with an ordinary meeting?
– It gets your circulation going, boosts your fitness, gives you a change of scenery… and it’s a breath of fresh air!

What is your best advice for a beginner?
– Just do it!

Words by: Photographs by: Grodan